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Immerse Yourself in The New DXC Partners Room

by 900lbs of Creative

Immerse Yourself in The New DXC Partners Room

The 900lbs team recently launched a game-changing sales tool for DXC Technologies and their partner account executives. This newest installation in the DXC Technology Regional Briefing Center in Plano, TX leverages immersive theater technology and interactive content to increase customers’ understanding of DXC’s key differentiator: A vast partnership network comprise of over 200 industry-leading strategic and solution partners.

The new experience, affectionately named ‘Daphne’ (derived from the partner network acronym DPN), is an incredible platform for communicating DXC’s Partner Network – and the business outcomes and solutions enabled within. Customers and DXC customer ambassadors can filter to different digital solutions by business outcome categories, to help identify all related partners in that category, along with supporting content such as partner executive quotes, business proposition videos, related industries information, and comparable partners.

To create Daphne, DXC and 900lbs first had to transform their “Innovation Room” into a “Partners Room”. They collaborated to create a cohesive physical environment including programmed lighting, space design, and new architectural elements, all alongside impactful visual and interactive content, All visuals are presented on a touch-enabled 3×3 Planar LED display wall with an Infrared Touch Frame. The experience is powered by an Alienware Area 51 R5 computer donated by DXC partner – Dell Technologies. And, to create a truly immersive experience for all visitors, we created a real voice for Daphne, through Amazon Polly text-to-speech synthesizer by Amazon AWS.

DXC unveiled the new Partners Room and Daphne at a ribbon cutting ceremony with DXC partners and employees at their Technology Regional Briefing Center in Plano, TX.

The experience is now showcased to additional Partners, Clients and other key audiences at multiple Regional Briefing Center locations and trade shows throughout the globe, through portable single touch screen versions that can live outside of the Partners Room.

Find out more about DAPHNE and thew new Partners Room Experience on DXC’s website.