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ABOSG and IGDA Dallas 4th Annual Winter Party

by 900lbs of Creative

ABOSG and IGDA Dallas 4th Annual Winter Party

The team here at 900lbs is always looking for ways to be involved in the community and ineract with other local creatives and developers. A couple of weeks ago we had the chance to do just that by joining IGDA Dallas and a A Bunch of Short Guys, a local non-profit animation guild established to foster a community of world-class artists and storytellers, at their 4th Annual Winter Party at Amp Studios.

Party guests stopped by our setup to take a turn playing our popular Holiday VR Challenge game, which was recently featured at DFW Airport as a way for travelers to take a break during the holiday travel season. We networked and talked agency life and opportunities with other local creatives, most of whom are local DFW students and recent graduates getting ready to embark on their career.

It was a fun evening filled with video games, art, pinball, VR, and board games! Special shout out and thank you to IGDA Dallas and A Bunch of Short Guys for having us.