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Augmented Reality

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Augmented Reality

Along with 3D Printing, the other technology that piqued our interests at SXSW Interactive was Augmented Reality. We all remember augmented reality from a few years ago as a very gimmicky technology, one that still needed much tweaking before becoming mainstream. While some of the applications we were exposed to were lacking, the technology has advanced to a point where we are comfortable with experimenting with AR on current and future products.

Augmented reality can be defined as seamlessly integrating virtual objects into the real world, and we are currently researching ways to push it further beyond its limits of image markers and virtual map directions. Our interest is how this technology can be applied to enhance the overall experience in the event and exhibit space. Imagine taking a smartphone or tablet computer into a museum and augmenting a new world for kids to enjoy. AR has the potential to provide a much richer overall experience and is something they can take home with them to extend that experience beyond the original environment.

You can see examples of AR as small as new iPhone apps like Minecraft Reality, or as large as the new Google Glasses, which can augment information into our daily lives like never before. Obviously, augmented reality can be a very powerful tool if utilized the right way. Continue to look here as we at 900lbs expand further on our implementations of Augmented Reality.