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Brad Rossacci To Speak At Marketing Edge 2016

by 900lbs of Creative

Brad Rossacci To Speak At Marketing Edge 2016

Brad Rossacci, Director of Innovation for 900lbs, will be speaking at this year’s Marketing Edge 2016, an AMA Houston conference. Marketing Edge 2016 is a conference about forward thinking marketing. According to the conference’s website, “AMA Houston has invited 34 forward-thinking marketers from across the country and the Houston region to share insights and provide tools to help you gain your competitive edge. Now more than ever, the need to make an impact in your industry is paramount. Register today for Marketing Edge 2016 to invest in yourself and your success.”

Brad Rossacci will be speaking about Human Innovation Science. “The human experience is evolving + the exponential evolution of innovation has activated a ripple that extends beyond our human capacity. Innovation is designed to advance the human experience, yet defaults to the solution design + often ignores the most critical factor of innovation: the human being. Imagine for a moment, or the rest of your life, the possibilities that are nestled within inspired innovation. Where the human being experiences challenge + opportunity, the potential for optimal outcome is inevitably exciting. Now imagine how people would treat themselves, interact with human beings, + engage in life; producing significant value within the environment where they live, work, + play. This is exactly why our formula has emerged from the most intimate core of the human framework + through our experientially innovative, creative minded, people focus, we are activating a ripple, within our global community, that engages the human being to inspire innovation, as we ignite a collectively brilliant experience.”

Register now for Marketing Edge 2016 and catch Brad’s breakout session at 3:30pm on September 29, 2016 in the Live Oak Room of the Norris Conference Center – CityCentre in Houston, TX.