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Reflection: Career Development in Experiential Marketing and Interactive Development

by 900lbs of Creative

Reflection: Career Development in Experiential Marketing and Interactive Development

At 900lbs, we have a lot of experience working with college students, and we believe in young professionals’ ability to innovate, solve problems, and create incredible experiences for our clients. In fact, our head of interactive development, Steven Billingslea, teaches game development at UT Dallas, and we frequently recruit or offer internships to students from UT Dallas, A&M Viz Dept, SMU Guildhall, Sam Houston State University, UNT, and other Texas programs in game development, visual design, and animation.

We love to meet with students and get the word out about our work because it provides such a unique range of career fields – creative, business, and technical disciplines related to experiential marketing and interaction design with emerging technologies – which continue to grow and “move the needle” in business and entertainment.

In April 2019, one of our team members had a chance to work with a nonprofit (LONGITUDE: https://longitude.site) which aims to help students embrace innovative ways of approaching future endeavors, form lasting connections and become productive members of society. The outcome was a reflection interview with our Senior Interactive Producer and Creative Strategist, Mitchell Massey.

Mitchell had the opportunity to reconnect with his previous urban policy research mentor (Ipek Martinez, retired Head of Rice University’s Social Sciences Gateway Program) and was offered to participate in her new non-profit educational initiative that offers a practice platform for students to lead informational interviews with industry professionals. Mitchell got to share some thoughts with a current undergraduate fellow from Longitude (LONGITUDE.site) and give him a tour of our office in Addison, Texas.

We are sharing the student’s reflection (containing the interview with Mitchell) to help promote Longitude’s mission to enhance collaboration and dialogue between students and industry professionals in areas such as science, technology, business, art, history, and entrepreneurship.

LINK: https://longitude.site/how-technology-enhances-communication/