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CES 2020 Recap: Celebrating the Future of Technology

by 900lbs of Creative

CES 2020 Recap: Celebrating the Future of Technology

Over the years, 900lbs has made our presence known at the Consumer Electronics Show, the largest global stage for technology. For us, it is a chance to interface with our Clients, engage strategic partnerships and immerse ourselves in research.

For many of our Clients, the event is a giant-sized opportunity for them to showcase their latest innovative products, services and prototypes. 900lbs has had the pleasure to help design interactive and visual-content layers for several exhibits throughout the years, some of which have been voted Top 20 by Exhibitor Magazine.

The Mercedes-Benz Avatar-inspired prototype car and the Alexa-driven smart speaker showerhead may have dominated some of the headlines at this year’s show, however after seeing the full spectrum of transformative technologies, we’d like to focus on some fun areas that may apply to you.. or at least your inner-Nerd.


900lbs is collaborating with LG to leverage some of their latest technology in a current CXC design. They had their usual massive presence at CES. This year they focused giving consumers a glimpse of what we can expect from future-focused AI development and the important role it will play in a person’s day-to-day life. LG ThinQ’s fleet of products will give users the ability to further automate device functionality and optimize through pattern learning. For instance, new transparent OLED technology is infused in a sleek, smart refrigerator design. It suggests recipes for the food that we currently have as well as recommend and order new food for our inventory.

Depth Sensors

Infineon and pmdtechnologies have created REAL3, the smallest and most powerful 3D image depth sensor the market has ever seen. It can be embedded in any device regardless of size while delivering high-res data and low power consumption. This type of technology can improve the way we create content for AR experiences moving forward. Real-time full 3D mapping, occlusions of virtual objects and photorealistic relighting will make layers pop even more in real-world environments through our devices.


Game science is the core of our internal design and development process here at 900lbs so gaming is always a focal point for us at CES. First, Dell Alienware showcased their new concept prototype dubbed “UFO.” It is bigger and beefier than a Switch. Even if you aren’t a regular gamer anymore (like me), this mini-PC is still awesome. Then, Razer and their partners presented their new Eracing Simulator Concept and it was absolutely mind-blowing. Its hydraulic platform included full manual controls and a steering wheel with paddle shift.

Other Badassery

Charmin’s toilet-paper toting mini-droid called Rollbot could save you if a bathroom emergency ever puts you in a bind. It can be controlled via your smartphone if you ever have to save someone else.

We saw our first Smart Belt wearable. WELT’s sensor is different than a wrist-based wearable in that it is located at the center of the body and it detects small step patterns.. This award-winning device was “fitting” after we walked 247,340 steps in just two days.

Cyberdyne Systems has come a long ways since 1984 when it launched Skynet. Fast forward to CES 2020 and a Russian company called PromoBot debuted their humanoid android of Arnold Schwarzenegger. “Hasta la vista, baby”