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Cool Augmented Reality Apps That Aren't Pokemon GO

by 900lbs of Creative

Cool Augmented Reality Apps That Aren't Pokemon GO

At 900lbs, we go crazy for interactive experiences that break the mold, especially augmented reality (AR) experiences. (For us, some of our favorite AR projects we’ve created include Vespa’s Augmented Reality experience and the NCR Connected City Augmented Reality experience.)

That’s why we loved seeing the frenzy behind a little augmented reality app called Pokemon GO last year. Not only was it an innovative take on a classic game, but it helped augmented reality be accepted by the masses as a relevant, everyday experience. Since we’re sure you’ve heard a lot about Pokemon GO at this point, we want to take this time to introduce you to other innovative augmented reality apps we’ve liked.


Ever thought about getting a tattoo, but you were too nervous to follow through? Are you completely against tattoos, but still curious enough to see what you might look like with a tattoo on your forearm? Inkhunter solves these problems and more. With tons of pre-designed tattoos, and the ability to upload your own art to the app, Inkhunter eliminates the issue of post-tattoo regret. Just draw the anchor image on your forearm (or anywhere else on your body), select a drawing, and voila, you now have an augmented reality tattoo.


Bring your artwork to life with this app. Print out one of Quiver Vision’s coloring pages, fill it out, aim your camera, and watch as the art springs into action before your eyes.

Photo from ESCAPE VELOCITY LIMITED iTunes store

Star Chart

At any time of the day, Star Chart allows you to explore the stars, constellations, and planets around Earth. You can search for specific celestial objects, and even peer through our home planet to see what space looks like from the opposite side.

Photo from Augmented Pixels Inc iTunes store

AR Basketball

If you’re bored, enjoy basketball, and you like augmented reality, this mobile app is for you. Print out the marker, and get to shooting.

Photo from Google, Inc. iTunes store

Google Translate

While not technically an app entirely dedicated to the technology of augmented reality, the Google Translate app does have one extremely helpful feature. Just aim the camera at any foreign language written on a billboard, street sign, or subway map, and the app will translate the text in such a way that it appears the actual sign is written in your language of choice.

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Photo from AugmentedWorks iTunes store

Augmented Car Finder

How many times have you forgotten where you parked your car? With the help of this app, that issue is a problem of the past. This app remembers where you parked your car, and provides GPS directions to your parking spot.

Photo from Niantic, Inc. iTunes store


Created by Niantic, the developers of Pokemon GO, this game pits players in a worldwide struggle between “The Enlightened” and “The Resistance”. Will you embrace the strange energy that scientists uncovered in Europe, or fight to retain your humanity? Just like Pokemon GO, this augmented reality game takes users on an outdoor adventure, but instead of catching pocket monsters, you choose a side, and battle for the future.

Photo from SnapShop Inc. iTunes store

SnapShop Showroom

This app allows you to visualize what furniture would like in your room without actually buying it first. Take your home decor shopping to the next level.