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Get To Know 900lbs: Emmar Grant

by 900lbs of Creative

Get To Know 900lbs: Emmar Grant

What do you do at 900lbs?

I do video editing, motion graphics, 2.5D animation, 2nd Camera, MOVI assist, projection mapping, and I come in clutch.

What do you do for fun?

Go to art openings, build 3D projection maps, shoot micro-shorts on Super 8 and Super 16mm film, take pictures, edit YouTube videos for the Nyx Fears channel, hang out with my fire spitting and circus arts friends, camp at mini burning man events, watch the Criterion Collection, watch trash cinema, and go to psychics.

If you didn’t grow up in Dallas, where?

I grew up in Dallas.

Favorite music?

Black Moth Super Rainbow, Death Grips, Aphex Twin, Pavement, Big Red Ants, Repo Man (the Emilio Estevez movie) soundtrack, Halloween playlists year round, Velvet Underground, the theme to Cannibal Holocaust.

Where do you hang out in your free time?

Texas Theatre, art galleries, hole in wall diners, and doing projection graffiti in the streets.

If you could go anywhere in the world, where would it be?

Berlin, Taiwan, Thailand, Iceland, or Paris. Berlin for the art scene, Taiwan to hang out with my brother, Thailand for the food, Iceland for the scenery and culture, Paris to see the birthplace of cinema. Sometimes I get a bit of wanderlust and go travel, most of the time to meet up with friends and see new worlds.

What is your favorite 900lbs project so far?

The F&R Whiskey hologram is one of my top projects, because I always wanted to be involved in making one, and because earning the title ‘Holographer’ sounds straight out of Star Trek. I also enjoyed helping to create the ink footage we’ve made in the lab, it harkens back to old school visual effects that I’ve had a deep interest in since I was 5. We had a party with the fruits of that work at the Perot Museum, it was like a concert, there was a huge crowd to see our experiments.