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Speaking Human Innovation Science At AMA Houston’s Marketing Edge

by 900lbs of Creative

Speaking Human Innovation Science At AMA Houston’s Marketing Edge

When you think about the idea of activating disruptive thinking with a dynamic audience of corporate marketers, agency strategists, + everyone in between, you experience AMA Houston’s Marketing Edge.

The event included 34 forward-thinking minds from across the country to share insights + provide tools to activate a critical ripple in a time when everything is evolving at an exponential rate of disruption. The experiential nature of the conversations concentrated on our need as an industry of disruptive thinkers to make a paramount impact + activate an exponential ripple in our very abundant environment.

900lbs is super thankful for the opportunity to share our insights + perspectively ideate with the audience on our scientific approach to design. Our conversation activated the audiences ability to understand how design through the lens of the human experience is critical; especially if we want the human audience to evolve beyond our current state of distractive disruption.

As we have discovered through our deep investigations into innovation, the human experience is evolving + the exponential evolution of innovation + design has activated a ripple that extends beyond our human capacity. Stiflingly, innovation is designed to advance the human experience, yet we far to often default to solution design, + often ignore the most critical factor of innovation: the human being. Thus, we shared our insights into how the excavation of this realization is absolutely the process by which system based solutions must be designed. We are super thankful that our dynamic process truly elevates the human experience.

The conversation erupted the audiences perspective around insane thinking…

How fears of innovation can organically drive the behaviors of an organization to limit their ability to reimagine their potential.

Providing a clear focus on the “inspirationalists” that inspire teams to innovate…. like the theory of Perspectivism, which is the philosophical view or Friedrich Nietzsche [original context attributable to Plato] that illustrates the process by which all ideations take place from particular perspectives.

Evolving perspective of how the opportunity to demonstrate mars-shot art of the possible ideation positioned the audience to learn new + dynamic ways of how science based design enables us to apply emerging technologies as tools.

Delivering the strategy required to excavate opportunities, crush challenges, + deliver “optimal outcome” through organic system design.

900lbs of Creative is proud to disruptively activate a ripple of innovative thinking, alongside the brilliant minds that made this experience a reality!! Stay tuned for more about our Human Innovation Science approach at www.900lbs.com.