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Perot Museum Social Science Event: Experimental

by 900lbs of Creative

Perot Museum Social Science Event: Experimental

What happens when you blend common substances like milk, soap, oil and acrylic paints? When blending these common substrates together they can form mesmerizing visuals.

At 900lbs of Creative, we believe the only way to push ourselves creatively is to experiment. We recently participated in the Perot Museum of Nature and Science Social Science event. With a theme that we can certainly relate to, Experimental, we created unique and intricate shapes and colors live at the event that produced a stunning experience for all to enjoy.

With some new tools in our arsenal – an 85mm macro lens and Atomos Ninja Inferno external recorder – we captured close up footage of intricate chemical activity from swirling paints. Our Panasonic GH5 4K camera recorded the slow motion mixtures coming to life. This experience gave a rare view into how these materials interact and disconnect to create a unique universe. The intricate shapes and colors kept the audience mesmerized while dry ice enveloped the atmosphere.

We are extremely proud of our Visual Content team and Innovation Lab for their creativity and unique culture. This event demonstrates just the kind of experience we love to give to others. We crafted this experimental chemical activity project as a way to test our technical recording capabilities. And, the result ended up being more fun than we ever imagined.