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Perot Museum of Nature and Science

Augmented Reality 2.0


Augmented Reality is defined as the merging of real and virtual worlds to produce new environments and visualizations where physical and digital objects co-exist and interact in real time.

Today’s standard for Augmented Reality is reliant on a 2D based marker that lacks a truly immersive experience. Too often the user is tethered to the marker only to lose interest or disengage with the experience at hand. In 2014, 900lbs developed what we envision to be the future of Augmented Reality: AR 2.0. The idea of AR 2.0 was born out of a desire to move away from the marker and experience a virtual world within our own.


Our goal from the outset was to take the marker out of the equation, allowing an experience where users have the ability to walk completely around the augmented objects, ultimately adding another dimension to the experience that can’t be seen anywhere else. Enabling this level of freedom to move around and view any layer of the exhibit is critical to the success of the experience.