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Immersive Celebration Experience


EchoPark aims to disrupt the automotive sales market through the deployment of a new concept that provides customers with a unique, convenient, and frictionless car-buying experience. This first-of-its-kind new car buying concept would be launched in Austin, Texas, at the intersection of 183 and 45, a perfect location buzzing with energy and visibility to passerbyers and ease of accessibility for customers.

Every car purchase is a reason to celebrate! Whether it be a birthday, anniversary, graduation or upgrading your vehicle to accommodate your growing family, EchoPark wants to be a part in making this day special and memorable.

900lbs was approached by EchoPark to design and integrate an exciting celebratory experience, from the time you set up your pick up appointment to the time you drive out of one of the delivery bays in your newly purchased vehicle.


Our goal with this project is to surprise and delight customers when they come to pick up their vehicle, instilling a feeling of celebration and excitement around your new vehicle purchase with EchoPark. We seeked to provide a customized experience in the room that enhances the celebration and can be shared with others after.

A microsite component allows customers to request their appointment time for an easy, frictionless pick up process. Then, they can personalize the entire experience. From specific birthday and anniversary messages to uploading photos, videos and special dynamic text, EchoPark makes the whole experience truly special.

When customers arrive at the Delivery Center to pick up their new vehicle, they are met by their Delivery Specialist who escorts them to their Delivery Bay. The customer is handed their new car keys with a special EchoPark keychain. The customer scans the QR code on their keychain. Ready, Set, Go! Let the party begin. As the customer opens up the door to the bay, their new vehicle is unveiled to them for the first time in an immersive, exciting room that incorporates a large LED screen with engaging custom visual content and audio that seamlessly integrates with the room elements through transitional LED lighting and other visual media.

The Delivery Center Experts drive each pick up experience utilizing a custom iPad Controller that integrates with the bays. They are able to set up a truly unique experience for each customer that arrives, making each delivery one-of-a-kind and memorable.

The exciting moments are captured with photos from HALOs in each bay that can be saved and shared with friends and family.


Within the first few months of launch, EchoPark has seen incredible results. Customers are eagerly sharing their experiences with others and on social media. EchoPark is transforming the car buying experience. And, that’s something that we can all celebrate about.