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Freedom Financial

Touch Wall


In 2018, as part of the development of their new corporate headquarters in Tempe, Arizona, Freedom Financial looked to execute an impactful interactive experience in their WOW room located off the main lobby. This experience would serve to welcome visitors and employees from the moment they entered the building.

Freedom Financial maintains a truly compelling, robust library of stories and additional content emphasizing the results and financial debt savings Freedom Financial creates for their customers across the United States. How could we utilize this content as a source of inspiration and emphasis of Freedom’s incredible core values within this space?


The Brand Hatchery reached out to us at 900lbs to collaborate with their team and Corgan MediaLab in order to produce an interactive touch wall experience in the 900 square foot corporate WOW room. Alongside an art installation of over 4,000 custom credit cards serving as a video projection screen, we developed a 16’ wide x 8’ tall interactive touch wall that guides viewers through customer testimonials, employee testimonials, interactive maps, scrollable galleries and a timeline containing fun facts about Freedom Financial.

Using the heart and dollar sign symbols as the central point from where content revolves on the screen, this symbolism reflects and emphasizes the “heart” that Freedom Financial and it’s employees contain in showing true passion and care for their customers alongside the “dollars” impacted in debt relief through the help of Freedom Financial.

The larger-than-life screen is divided into four panels, allowing four visitors to interact with the touch wall at the same time. Directional speakers are located above each panel so that content can be easily heard when multiple people are exploring together.

In order to ensure Freedom Financial could keep content evergreen and fresh, we created a back-end Content Management System (CMS) so that Freedom could have the flexibility, freedom and tools to incorporate new content to the touch wall as it becomes available.


The touch wall creates an impact from the moment you walk into their beautiful new headquarters. It invites visitors to explore the WOW room and see for themselves what Freedom Financial stands for and the tremendous impact they and their employees are creating for individuals and families seeking to free themselves from the burden of financial debt. Visitors are inspired to explore the many wonderful customer and employee stories that exist today and encouraged to come back and visit again to view the new stories and content that support their mission and the many people they continue to help.