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The Dallas Mavericks are an American professional basketball team based in Dallas, Texas. The Mavericks compete in the National Basketball Association as a member of the Western Conference Southwest Division.


The Mavericks’ Chief Marketing Officer, Iris Diaz, and her team had a vision to create a brand new experience in retail shopping, seeking to inspire fans and generate sales throughout the winter and spring games, by combining innovation and the excitement of the basketball season underway. They collaborated with Dallas Love Field Airport to identify and select an ideal, visible, high foot-traffic area just outside of the primary airport check-in, and there the “Shoppable Wall” retail space was born.

They envisioned floor to ceiling graphics with large-scale photos of new Mavs merchandise and entertaining clips of Mavs players. These visuals would fill the room to draw in guests and inspire engaged passers-by to get their phones out and shop. For the shopping experience, the goal was to up the ante by using a digital retail journey, led by true and exciting innovation.

900lbs was thus engaged in partnership with El Creative (print production of wall space) to design an augmented reality (AR) experience that would utilize QR codes to lead customers/consumers through their retail journey while being entertained and engaged in an intuitive, new way of shopping within a brick and mortar store.

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For design, our goal was to create a vibrant, heavily branded user interface that would engage the consumer, be consistent and intuitive for a quick and easy-to-use retail journey. With a lot of creative juice, diligent research and post-production editing, we created quick iterations complete with testing to make sure our creation was scaled accurately and ready for launch. For the AR execution, our Team created motion design animations that were energetic and provided layers of dimension within the experience. We designed a unique "diorama" look that added depth of the AR visuals, a "parallax effect" so that users could see dimensionality from different angles, lighting effects to help the AR-triggered merchandise jump out from the static printed visual layers and to add final sizzle, we overlaid audio effects to give the experience a fun and futuristic feel.

For the functionality of the experience/journey, we came up with a solution for showing a great amount of content on a single WebAR experience. A menu system was created that allowed users to decide which wall they were looking at, eliminating any content that wouldn’t be shown at that particular time. After that, our primary focus was making sure everything looked just as good in the app as it did during the design phase. Strong reference provided by the design team made this possible and before we knew it, the Shoppable Wall AR Experience was launched.

Installation and launch took place just prior to a successful Media Day, where fans flocked, travelers gawked, and the Mavs relished in their new retail journey. We were ecstatic to see such success set up for the Holiday traffic. Future engagements at other locations to come! Next time you are flying at Dallas Love Field, check it out!