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Safety Command Center


In late 2019, 900lbs was approached by Royal Caribbean Cruises Limited (RCL) to develop a Proof of Concept interactive visualization tool for the Safety Command Center of the future. RCL sought a way to transition from the printed deck maps and overlays, disparate systems, and traditional safety tools to create a more interactive, future-forward application that would differentiate RCL as an innovative brand and, most importantly, leverage emerging technologies as tools to support Safety Command Center efforts onboard.

This original Proof of Concept was showcased at RCL’s Sea Beyond Event, held at the historic Brooklyn Naval Yard, as part of a series of hands-on examples showcasing how RCL’s investment in digital technology and innovation is driving change across the fleet.

Less than one year later, RCL reached out to our team at 900lbs to discuss the possibility of making the Safety Command Center vision a reality.


The Safety Command Center Interactive Touch Screen Application is the first of its kind, transforming the way in which the Safety Command Center team can work together to effectively plan and respond to safety incidents.

Located in the center of the bridge, this touch screen application serves as the heart of the Safety Command Center to help further enable collaboration in making quicker, more informed decisions that help maintain a safer environment onboard.

It empowers bridge officers and incident response teams with a unified program that aggregates data from various systems to display a holistic view of the health & status of key performance attributes with interactive deck plans and safety overlays.

Celebrity Edge was selected to be the first to deploy the interactive Safety Command Center Interactive Touch Table. The initial launch of the app focused on creating high impact visualization tools for increased situational awareness, including an interactive means for the bridge to view the general arrangement of the ship, key safety overlays as well as features such as drawing tools, timers for monitoring safety teams, navigational data, viewing e-mustering data, and more.

In late 2019, we launched multi-user capabilities for remote teams on ship to communicate with the bridge and the ability to view the Safety Command Center application shoreside. In 2020, we will be continuing to evolve this application to provide additional features focused on enhancing capabilities for the Evacuation Control Center.


The launch was such a huge success that 900lbs and RCL have since deployed the application on Symphony of the Seas, Spectrum of the Seas and Oasis of the Seas with plans to deploy on even more ships in the fleet in 2020.

900lbs is proud to be a part in working together with RCL to implement a digital program that aligns with RCL’s dedication towards enhancing tools onboard that improve decision-making capabilities and the safety of its passengers.