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900lbs recently partnered with an innovative home technologies subsidiary to create a truly state-of-the-art Customer Experience Center (CXC). With respect to non-disclosure, 900lbs will tell this story without naming the company or the center's location. What we can say:

  • Industry: Connected home technologies and proactive home maintenance (security systems, water systems, air filtration / sanitization systems, and energy efficiency accessories)
  • General Location Strategy: technologically-influential metropolitan area, with real estate strategically positioned for maximum access to young tech-savvy home-owners.


This smart home company offered more device types in service of a fully connected smart home than any other competitor (who mostly focused on single layered offerings and individual systems – e.g., smart thermostats or security monitors only).

Our client envisioned the fully connected modern homes with an owner’s smartphone as the central command center of the numerous device connections across Security, Air, Water, and Energy networks.

Because 900lbs has a lot of experience translating deeply technical and complex stories into understandable concepts, we were engaged to drive their CXC design.

Our primary creative challenge was to blend scenario-based “if/then” educational storytelling per individual home network, and also free-flow exploration experiences connecting all home networks. Their audience would need to truly “feel” the power of connecting the entire system of networks in a home through a mobile app. This would include consistently blending various product sub-brands into one master brand “digital thread” throughout the center.

Another creative challenge for 900lbs was showcasing the benefits of the company’s vast network of professional service contractors across each of the device types (water, air, security, energy). Our challenge would be to animate a professional service provider as a narrator avatar to guide and educate users.


Through collaborative Discovery workshops and technical Design/Dev Processes, 900lbs designed and developed six truly remarkable "wow" experiences.

  • Energy: This one-of-a-kind, gamified experience allows guests to identify energy issues throughout the home that could lead to catastrophic damage if not addressed properly. Guests go hands-on with mechanical air cannons that shoot real smoke rings at a 3x3 video wall to “reveal” energy risks through the lens of a service professional. Guests work together to point out potential hazards and uncover solutions, eradicating the issues that could cause serious damage, as though given preventative maintenance.
  • Air: Through 2D motion design, we tell the story of how the air we breathe in our homes is often poor quality - and how the company's products can make sure that your family remains safe and healthy. Through an interactive touch table, CXC guests identify air quality issues that impact a family (humidity, dryness, odor, sanitation). With the help of the company's professional services contractors, a customized suite of air products creates a healthy, comfortable home. “Trial and Error” gameplay educates the users overtime through tricky “guessing’ around each device’s capabilities.
  • Water: Clear aquarium-like boxes with real, running water inside, allow guests to see “behind the wall” and identify real-life issues that happen in real time. Through this intriguing 4D digital-meets-physical display, we tell the story of Water and showcase the intuitive line of products that provide complete, automated protection for every home. (ex: what happens if your water pipe bursts while you are on vacation in Hawaii? Simply shut off your water main with the mobile app and return to your relaxation.)
  • The Eye: This 4D immersive theater installation (360 video across 4 projected screens, with multiple smell and smoke effects) explores why the company and its products/services are crucial for consumers to have in their homes. This area of the CXC explores home owners' greatest risks and fears (burglary, fire, pollution, flooding, illness) and manifests them into a surreal multi-sensory experience.
    Super Connected: This “Home X-Ray” sliding panel-based experience, utilizes 2 vertically-stacked LG transparent OLEDs in order to educate customers about how the networks within their home function and interconnect, and how the professional services contractors and app can benefit.
  • Security: This interactive exhibit showcases the breadth of different security issues that can be solved by the company. A 3x3 video wall with fun, stylized security scenarios (animated content) allows multiple guests to explore security issues in the home (ex: burglary, intruders, garage left open) and identify how an in-network professional services contractor can utilize the company's technologies to provide piece of mind for their whole homes and families.

900lbs planned and coordinated logistics and schedules with architects, audio visual (AV) and the GC. Our Team oversaw installation and launch of all exhibits within the customer experience center. 900lbs also served as on-site project management throughout the turn-key process.


900lbs designed six scalable, interactive, Instagrammable experiences that excite, educate, and amuse homeowner customers of a unique demographic. The CXC staff was fully armed to engage customers with delightful layers of personalization throughout the free-explore tour, and drive follow up conversations that would lead to device purchases and appointments with home service professionals.