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CES 2018


In Q4 of 2018, ZTE USA engaged Derse and 900lbs to produce an exhibit booth with a diverse range of large-scale visual content production for ZTE’s activation at the 2018 CES conference.

CES is one of the largest conferences in the world. To understand the scale of this event, consider 2017’s attendance rate and estimated media impressions:

  • Over 180,000 industry professionals, including more than 58,000 from outside the US.
  • 119.2 Million social media interactions in just 6 days.
  • 69 Billion estimated impressions in Total Media Outreach in the month of January. (Source: https://www.ces.tech/About-CES/CES-by-the-Numbers.aspx)

And this year was even bigger.

So, it begs the question: In such a packed conference environment, how does an organization stand out from the crowd? This is the creative challenge we often face of prominence on a grand stage, where quality and impact of visuals matter. We always say that content is king. So, how might we tell ZTE USA’s story of their latest products and 5G innovations in a BIG way?


900lbs has been fortunate to partner with ZTE USA for over three years on a diverse range of projects. Our team has a great understanding of the brand, from both a design and product perspective. We understand the small design consistencies that could bridge their multiple products and brand styles. We also have a strong expertise in a wide variety of screens, projection services and IR touch bezels used across different permanent installations, trade-show events, and large scale activation events.

ZTE USA’s tech partnerships span across a wide range of applications and products. Our task was to develop interactive touch tables to help our guests see the vast applicability of smart technologies. For instance, BlueSmart is a Kickstarter campaign success. Their luggage contains ZTE USA’s chip which charges your phone and and tracks your luggage through an app. Our interactive touch table for IoT Automotive showcased the many ways in which 5G is affecting the way we travel in our cars, from safety to communication. Our feature-focused user interfaces let the guest navigate easily through simple intuitive designs. This experience involved all of these technology components and more including:

5G Future Tunnel: An immersive room that takes attendees through ZTE USA’s story around 5G innovation and the future of ZTE USA technology solutions. In the 5G Future Tunnel, our team highlighted the way that ZTE USA has harnessed this technology and impacted the marketplace. Our energetic animation and motion graphics edits took visitors on a trek through the past, present and future of how 5G is going to change our world. 900lbs was responsible for producing Four Tomorrow Tunnel Visual Content Videos displayed on TVs on the wall.

LED Wall: Large scale visual content walls serving as the centerpiece backdrop to the booth. The aspect ratio of the four large-scale LEDs was a truly unique canvas, and the resolution was a staggering 6144. 900lbs produced:

  • ZTE USA’s Overarching Narrative
  • Transitional Graphic Animations
  • The ZTE Blade Brand Story
  • The ZTE Axon M Brand Story

Additional Supporting Visual Content Pieces: Visual content and interactive touch screens to support additional booth product/solution areas, including:

  • Automotive IoT Touch Screen
  • Smart Technology Partners IoT Touch Screen
  • Blade Series Visual Content Piece


The end result was a huge success, including being Voted Top 10 Best of Show at CES 2018 by Exhibitor Magazine.