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Steve Deitz To Speak At ACU's Grigg's Center Entrepreneur Speaker Series

by 900lbs of Creative

Steve Deitz To Speak At ACU's Grigg's Center Entrepreneur Speaker Series

Steve Deitz, 900lbs’ CEO, will be a guest speaker at Abilene Christian University’s Grigg’s Center for Entrepreneurship and Philanthropy speaker series on October 5, 2016 at 11am.

Steve Deitz is the President and Creative Director of Dallas based design studio, 900lbs of Creative, a collective of animation, video and interactive artists who design experiences for a diverse range of events and interactive exhibits. Their primary focus is creating extraordinary connections between technology, people and brands. A 1999 Texas Tech graduate, Steve started his career as an Assistant Art Director for an investment firm called Undiscovered Managers. In 2002, he became Creative Director for 1Roof Strategies, a creative promotions company in Plano. Steve launched a marketing consultant and freelance graphic design business in 2004. This experience evolved into a partnership to launch 900lbs of Creative in 2007. It has become one of the most innovative creative studios in Dallas, and a leader in applying emerging technology with experiential marketing. Steve has also traveled extensively to more than 20 countries, enjoys mountain biking, drawing, beach volleyball, basketball, reading, writing, research and being a tech nerd.

ACU CEO members can register to join our guest entrepreneurs for lunch or coffee when they visit campus. These opportunities give students a chance to visit with the entrepreneurs in a smaller setting.

Catch Steve Wednesday, October 5 at 11am at ACU’s Gregg’s Center. More information can be found here.