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Cook Children's Medical Center VR Experience

by 900lbs of Creative

Cook Children's Medical Center VR Experience

Ask any child and most of them will tell you they love hiking, biking, and even playing soccer. However, when you’re a patient at Cook Children’s Medical Center in Fort Worth, most times leaving the hospital bed is a challenge.

900lbs of Creative is changing that. The Dallas experience design company and Cook Children’s Medical Center are teaming up to bring the ultimate virtual experience to the kids at the medical center.

On Wednesday, March 29, kids at Cook Children’s Medical Center will get a chance to become a futuristic virtual goalkeeper, scuba dive off the Florida Keys or hike atop the beautiful mountain peaks of New Mexico. The children will be provided with virtual reality headsets to start their amazing journey.

“The ability to virtually transport someone completely out of context and take them on a dreamlike journey is such a powerful thing. Technology has finally caught up with our imaginations. Being a part of the DFW community and giving back is so important to us at 900lbs. We look forward to putting smiles these children’s faces and adding some real joy to their hospital stay.” said Steve Deitz, CEO/Founder, 900lbs of Creative.

“We are excited to have such a unique event for our patients and families at Cook Children’s. 900lbs has been so thoughtful and generous in the planning process; we are grateful for our community members who give back! The Child Life Department works hard to provide fun and engaging activities for patients and siblings, while focusing on family centered care. Whatever challenges patients are going through, we believe kids deserve to be kids in every way we can make possible. This experience will certainly brighten so many faces, so thank you 900lbs for your time, generosity, and commitment!” said Jillian Mitchell, Community Program Coordinator, Cook Children’s.