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Virtual Reality Gives FC Dallas Fans The Chance To Be A Goalkeeper

by 900lbs of Creative

Virtual Reality Gives FC Dallas Fans The Chance To Be A Goalkeeper

View original article in the Dallas Business Journal by Evan Hoopfer here.

As virtual and augmented reality become more mainstream, FC Dallas announced this past weekend it was unveiling a virtual reality experience that allows users to test their skills as a goalkeeper.

The team partnered with local creative agency 900lbs of Creative for the project, a firm based in the Bishop Arts district of Dallas.

The virtual reality game gives users the chance to see what the goalie sees.

Here’s how it works — fans put on the HTC Vive headset to see what the goalie sees. Then, by holding joysticks in each hand, the user moves their hands to try and block the incoming kick.

“Soccer is becoming so much more popular in the United States and it’s an exciting time for the sport,” said Steve Deitz, CEO of 900lbs. “Interactive technology is our tool and we can create more layers for the game experience and help generate more fans.”

900lbs also said this kind of technology could be built out for use in training, and plans on fitting the experience so kids with disabilities can play the game, too. Also, the environment is customizable for sponsorship opportunities.

900lbs has been partnering with local organizations for other virtual reality projects. Earlier this summer, the agency announced a partnership with the Dallas Innovation Alliance to show what a “smart” city could look like. The display shows the historic West End of Dallas through a VR headset.

Expect virtual and augmented reality to become more prevalent in everyday life as processing power becomes stronger. The success of the Pokemon Go app that took the nation by storm this summer is evidence of how virtual and augmented reality could have more to offer than the typical gaming experience.

Evan Hoopfer is the Dallas Business Journal’s digital reporter.